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On April 10th, 2022, the last episode of Killing Eve aired and broke my heart. The representation of queer people has become more prevalent since I was a kid, but most stories just don’t match up with the reality I know. Queers still get more sad endings than happy ones. So, I felt compelled to do something about it. I booked a ticket out of Paris and flew back to LA, where I spent two days filming ten queer couples around the Echo Park area. I interviewed each couple as to how they met (very When Harry Met Sally vibes). I also asked them how they kept and maintained their love. On a very basic level, projects like this are good for my soul, and hopefully for other people’s. Growing up as a queer kid, you encounter a lot of media with the messaging that the odds are against you and you will probably end up unhappy or alone. I don’t know why media continues to portray queer relationships as such, but bringing these couples into this project and seeing real queer love stories truly paint a picture full of togetherness that reflects the reality I know and embrace. Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Photographed by Brit Phelan.