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Brit is considered one of the industry's up-and-coming unconventional directors "

— Adweek

Phelan is a half-American, half-German creative & director, who explores intimacy and connection through her unique artistic vision.

Her visual style— which has attracted partnerships with brands such as White Claw, Nike, Verizon, Twitter, and Puma— skilfully balances meticulous attention to detail, with a keen, loving eye for imperfections.

In her feature-film debut Finding Dad, she masterfully blurs reality using found footage techniques and everyday communication styles, inviting viewers to break the fourth wall and see themselves reflected in a story about love, connection, and what it means to belong.  She operates between Paris, New York and LA.

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Exciting news! I'll be working with NYC youth this year, hosting summer clinics to teach filmmaking basics. After the clinics, I'll edit their projects into finished videos. I believe in the power of mentorship and the impact it can have on young lives. I know personally I've never forgotten those moments I've received, whether it was an opportunity, a place to crash, or a Christmas tree gifted by my mother's boss when we couldn't afford our own. Providing them with the chance to bring their imaginations to life and empowering them with the skills to continue creating is truly meaningful to me. Join me in this incredible experience!