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Brit here! I’m a director and photographer. My work is about how we

connect to each other.I grew up in mainly a single-parent home

where my Mom worked three jobs. 

You can probably guess where the whole “connection” thing comes from.
Making things is how I connect, and I truly can’t help but make things. 

Through filmmaking I manifested my community and my sense of self,
and I strive to create pieces that build bridges and help us relate. 

It’s taken me a windy road to realize it, but belonging and being are not mutually exclusive,
and it’s vital to me that my work, personal or commercial, reflects this core philosophy. 

My goal as a director is for you to feel seen. I’ve partnered with White Claw, Nike,

Abercrombie, State Farm, Captain Morgan, and Puma, amongst other brands and

I look forward to collaborating with you.

For any inquiries please contact michael at


These are the fundamental values of little known. Integrating expertise along with

newer and more efficient approaches little known is an absolute machine for creative content.

Nimble and adaptive, we can connect you with your audience and bring your project to the next level.

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