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Finding Dad


A filmmaker hires an actor to portray herself and go to Augsburg, Germany in an attempt to reconnect with her estranged and reluctant father.

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30 Days of Finding my dad


Director Statement

Finding Dad is a film that explores how the baggage of my parents has affected my life. Leading up to this point, I hadn't been pleased with the trends I had noticed in my life. So, I went to Germany in an attempt to find my estranged father and make a film about it. Camera in hand, I went to the last known addresses of my mother's past. I was able to find him and speak with him for one hour. Being left with more questions than answers I began making this fictional film that follows my journey. I hired an actress to play myself as a documentarian who hires an actor (played by me) to go in her place to meet her deadbeat dad. It was a way for me to be able to observe myself and find more understanding. This film is about the blurred lines between reality and fiction, and how the simple act of storytelling has the power to heal us, connect us, and, ultimately, show us the way.

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