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Something Happened


In the aftermath of a sexual assault case gone wrong, a young woman and her friends form a vigilante squad called The Brooklyn Banshees and plot a path of brutal revenge.

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Director Statement

I wanted to make this film because during my own experience with a similar encounter I was completely confused by the huge disconnect between me and one of my friends after the fact. We love each other. He’s an amazing guy. So why do we have a different view and understanding of consent? Personally, I’m constantly aware of where that line is and how my actions could open myself up to unwanted reactions or advances. Maybe men struggle to understand this concept intuitively simply because it is not a part of their day-to-day life. Perhaps they don’t have to worry about being in heels, while some guy won’t leave you alone, and you have to politely divert their attention in fear of the situation escalating. Something Happened brings this struggle into focus and displays the messiness of these types of situations to hopefully forge understanding between genders and to create safer spaces.

Looking for some sick actors and a rad cinematographer to team up with. Reach out for more details.