A group of queer girls band together to save the alternative coffee shop where they work before it is sold to an evangelical university.

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Director Statement

This story is in many ways my own story as I struggled with being gay while attending Liberty University. I found myself at the intersection of not being able to fit in at school while also not feeling totally accepted by my newly found gay community at the coffee shop where I worked. I felt lost in the politics between the two communities. Our country is extremely polarized, and our information has become largely fragmented. People are getting lost in the constant inundation of news from their section of the political sphere and it’s becoming nearly impossible to see people on the other side. Now more than ever, I think it’s important to show how this fragmentation and isolation is affecting people on a personal level rather than through the omnipresent filters of red or blue. No one should ever feel this alone or like they don’t belong somewhere that they do.

Looking for a producer to partner up with for the long run. Reach out if you’re curious to read the script!